Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Winter Update ❄

Hi, everyone! I thought I'd better fill you in on the last six months. Sorry for the lack of news!

It's been pretty cold recently - today it's at minus 8, but we've had some serious snow recently, during which it dropped as low as minus 17. In saying that, I definitely prefer winter to summer, despite the cold. It's such a beautiful season! I'm planning to pack some skiing in this weekend before the students' graduation ceremony, and then I swap down jackets for tees; crampons for jandals as I head to New Zealand! See you all soon!

Away tramping for a couple of days in Jirisan in Summer.

Biking along the Seomjin river - we did over 100 k's in 2 days through serene countryside, following the river to the sea.
Samgyeopsal - pork belly - after a long day's cycling.

Watching Beonam Elementary students perform at the Jangsu Apple and Beef Festival.

'Nic,' by a talented third grade elementary student.
A statue of Korea's legendary Yi Sun Shin, near the place where he was killed after defeating the Japanese during the Imjin War at the end of the 16th century. During a good trip with friends to Namhae Island in my (then recently purchased) car.

Day tramp to Daedunsan.

Running around Namwon - watch out for the snakes!

Playing at a 'farm party' in Beonam in Autumn. Sorry about the watermark - I had to use a program to decrease the file size.

Dad's visit to S. Korea - saying goodbye (not really) at the last station before N. Korea. Dreaming of a day when trains will once again be able to go back and forth between south and north.
Overnight trip with friends to Anmyeon Island.

A rainy day in Jeonju.
A converted rice mill, now an art gallery, in Jeonju.
Introducing Korean friends to lamb. They added a Korean touch.

Day tramp to Wolchulsan.

At the end of my lesson on the 31st of October, high school students decorated 'pumpkins' (mandarins).
This was a great day. We cooked bulgogi (marinated beef) and had the normal cafeteria lunch as well. I definitely can't complain about lack of food here!
For my after-school class, I had my high-school students design a recipe.
The girls baked muffins....
...and the lads - dumpling pizza?!
At Beonam Elementary School's end-of-year concert.

We played 'Dance of the Reed Flutes' from the Nutcracker Suite.
And that weekend, I accompanied for a few pieces in a small concert in Jeonju. A busy week!

Our trio, playing a waltz.

My car broke down just before Christmas - oops!
...So I bought a new one.
High School students after setting up the Christmas tree.

We had a really snowy week recently, with snow falling almost constantly for three days. Getting to school was a challenge, but I made it! 

And it was worth coming in. The students made slime on the Monday, whizzed up fruit smoothies the following day, made sock puppets and put together a sock puppet show over the next two days, and cooked pikelets on the Friday. All while learning English!

Kiwi friends Cam and Francine popped up for a couple of days from Gwangju. The main activities were cooking/eating (as usual), and stomping around in the snow.

Back at the middle school, we had heaps of fun making Kiwiburgers.

And then, just this last weekend, we went away tramping for three days in Jirisan N.P. (as usual). Here's a nice sunrise shot taken on the second day.

Cheonwangbong, the highest peak in mainland S. Korea. A very different experience climbing it in winter from our first trip up there in my first summer here!

We made it! Very blustery and cold, and no view from the top, but we got there!
인증샷 ~

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